• Switzerland’s Ammann blames long car ride for poor jump

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    “The march was great with the flag but the ride in the car always makes me a bit stiff and I felt it in the preparations today,” he told reporters after jumping 100 metres as opposed to the 105 or 106 he said he had expected.


    The 32-year-old, the only man to win four individual jumping golds, is one of the world’s top 10 jumpers and had already pre-qualified for Sunday’s final but like all his rivals he took the opportunity to jump on Saturday.

    Fourth-ranked Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer spent three weeks before the Olympics working on his technique and reaped the reward when he travelled the furthest. He and Germany’s Severin Freund both leapt 104 metres.

    Schlierenzauer – who has a record 52 World Cup wins – looked relieved afterwards.

    “It’s getting better and better. (I’m reaching) the top level of my jumping and I think for tomorrow everything is clear for me,” the 24-year-old Austrian told Reuters.

    Schlierenzauer had been tipped to win both individual Olympic golds in 2010 but ended up with two bronzes, losing both titles to Ammann.

    The qualification round was won by Austrian Michael Hayboeck, who leapt 101 metres to continue a fine run of performances on the hill in recent training sessions.

    “I think the hill and I are a good team … I’m happy the Olympics are on this hill and so everything is going very easily,” the 22-year-old told reporters. “I am sure I can fight for the medals.

    Andreas Wank of Austria and Reruhi Shimizu both jumped slightly further but Hayboeck’s superior style marks made the difference.

    The top two jumpers in the world – Kamil Stoch of Poland and Peter Prevc of Slovenia – jumped 100 and 101.5 metres.

    (Editing by Peter Rutherford)