• Remaining Brothers in police sights

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    Police have vowed to go after other members of violent western Sydney gang Brothers for Life after the arrest of three key members, including alleged leader Farhad Qaumi.


    Fourteen members of the gang have been arrested since November and while police believe membership is shrinking by the day, they say their work is not yet done.

    NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas said speculation the group was finished was premature but he was optimistic those who had caused the damage were in custody or “neutralised”.

    The gang, linked to murder and shootings, was further disrupted when police raided homes in Sydney and the NSW central coast on Wednesday, arresting Qaumi and two others.

    “In many ways this is just the beginning,” Mr Kaldas told reporters on Thursday.

    “We pretty much know what has happened with just about all of the shootings that have occurred in the last 12 months.”

    Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad commander Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace said gang members should hand themselves in to police before officers go to them.

    “They know who you are,” she said.

    “I suggest you knock on our door before they knock on yours.”

    Mr Kaldas said on Thursday that police realised they needed to act quicker to curb the gang’s violent activities after a shooting at Rose Bay on New Year’s Day.

    Qaumi, 31, was found at Bondi Beach with a bullet wound after being hit when a chartered luxury cruiser was peppered with shots at Rose Bay on January 1. He was treated at St Vincent’s Hospital but discharged himself within hours.

    Police allege Qaumi, also known as “the Afghan”, is the head of the Brothers for Life Blacktown chapter, which has been at war with the original Bankstown chapter, with the infighting linked to shootings on Sydney’s streets and a murder.

    “It will be alleged he is a leader of a group and leader of a faction that has been involved in most of the shootings that have occurred in Sydney in the last three or four months,” Mr Kaldas said.

    Qaumi and his brother, 29-year-old Mumtaz Ahmed Qaumi, a senior gang member, were charged with firearm and drug offences on Wednesday.

    The elder brother was flanked by police as he appeared in Wyong Local Court on Thursday.

    They were also charged with knowingly directing the criminal activities of a group.

    The brothers did not apply for bail, which was formally refused.

    Masieh Amiri, 27, who was also arrested in the Wednesday crackdown, was charged with drug and gun offences and did not apply for bail when he appeared in Parramatta Local Court.

    Last November police arrested 11 alleged senior members of Brothers for Life members following a shooting in 2012 and another last year.

    Among them was Mohammed Hamzy, the Bankstown faction leader and cousin of Brothers for Life founder Bassam Hamzy, 34.

    Police say Brothers for Life initially started as a group loyal to Bassam Hamzy, who is serving a jail term for the 1998 murder of Kris Toumazis outside a Sydney night club.