• Navy violence ‘unsurprising’: advocate

    Date: 2019.01.16 | Category: 上海按摩服务 | Tags:

    A refugee advocate says he’s not surprised by asylum seeker claims of verbal and physical abuse by the Australian Navy personnel who towed their boat back to Indonesia.


    Sudanese asylum seeker Yousif Ibrahim told AFP those on the boat, which arrived in Indonesia on Monday after being turned around by the navy, were handcuffed and racially abused.

    One passenger on the boat was beaten with shoes before and during their voyage, he added.

    The 28-year-old also said four people had their hands burnt after being forced to grab a hot pipe on their boat as punishment for wanting to go to the toilet.

    “We asked for water, they didn’t want to give us,” he told AFP.

    “They called us inhuman words, like illegal refugees, monkeys from Africa.”

    Somalian migrant Marke Abdulah Ahmad also said the asylum seekers were subject to abuse.

    Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said “it was only luck” that no one had yet died at sea as the result of a boat being forced back into Indonesian waters.

    “It’s not at all surprising that the violence of the navy, the mistreatment of asylum seekers goes hand in hand with the procedures of actually turning around boats,” he told AAP on Wednesday.

    “To turn around a boat requires the use of force. Navy people are not trained to deal with defenceless people.”

    Mr Rintoul said the “turn back the boats” policy wouldn’t last for long as it was difficult to implement and would require an increasing use of force by the navy.

    “The use of the military against defenceless asylum seekers in any other country in the world would be regarded as a complete disgrace,” he said.

    “If Italy was turning back boats using their navy and if Turkey was forcing back Syrian refugees across the border at gun point there would be an international outcry.”