• Big W pulls ‘racist’ t-shirts after Aldi outrage

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    A spokeswoman for Big W confirmed to SBS that two designs bearing the slogan “Australia: Est.


    1788″ were withdrawn from the store’s product range this morning

    The move comes after supermarket chain Aldi faced heavy criticism for advertising t-shirts bearing the same slogan, with many branding them as racist and insensitive to Indigenous history.

    The spokeswoman for Big W said it will not be issuing a statement or any further information on the matter.

    @punchumgum @ALDIAustralia Oh please. What about this pic I took in BigW today then? pic.twitter.com/tz23iqZjxL

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    The government today came under fire after it was reported that seven Australia Day t-Shirt designs were approved by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in July 2013 ahead of sale early this year.

    But in a statement to SBS, a spokesman for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet said it was the department’s repsonsibility to approve products imported from overseas bearing the Australian flag and to ensure it was reproduced correctly.

    He said there was no responsibility to approve the overall designs of the garments.

    “In regard to the importation of items bearing an image of the Australian National Flag, such items are a restricted import under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956,” the statement read.

    “Prior to any importation, importers require approval from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet for the use or design of the Australian National Flag on the relevant items.

    “In this case the Department provided approval on the basis that the flag was reproduced completely and accurately.

    “In assessing requests for approval, the Department considers only the representation of the flag and no other matters.”

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    @gorgeouspalaces We apologise for any offense taken in regards to our Australia Day T-shirts. We have passed your feedback on to the team.

    — ALDI Australia (@ALDIAustralia) January 7, 2014