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  • Storm happy to see Duffie return

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    He may be concerned with a late fade-out and high error rate, but one thing that has pleased Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy is the return of Kiwi international Matt Duffie.


    The Storm were over-run by Canberra 20-12 in their NRL trial match at AAMI Park, with both under-strength sides feeling the effects of the 40-degree temperature in Melbourne.

    The match was winger’s Duffie’s first since undergoing a double dose of surgery on his knee and shoulder last year, which cut his season short after only nine rounds.

    It was his third shoulder reconstruction, having also gone under the knife in 2011 and then missed the 2012 grand final win with another operation.

    The 23-year-old looked shaky under the high ball but was given a thorough work-out thanks to some crunching Raiders defence and finished intact.

    “Everyone’s holding their breath when he’s in and around the action,” Bellamy said.

    “He was a bit nervous before the game as you would expect and a couple of times out there he looked nervous as well but other times he looked right at home.

    “It’s just a matter of getting some games under his belt and I’m sure that confidence will come back.”

    With many stars including Kangaroos Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk on the sidelines and Bellamy fielding a swag of newcomers, the Storm were understandably fairly patchy.

    Bellamy said that although the team lacked cohesion he was pleased with some individual performances.

    He tipped 19-year-old Cameron Munster to make his NRL debut after the fullback looked right at home in the top grade.

    He was pleased with former Bulldog Joel Romelo while Ben Hampton put his hand up to wear the No.6 jersey in their opening round clash with Manly after a strong showing.

    “I thought he had a really good first half although like the rest of the team he struggled in the last quarter,” Bellamy said.

    Following the Auckland Nines the Storm will send its entire squad to Brisbane to play across two games in final hit-outs before round one.

    Players will either play against Brisbane Easts on Saturday, Feb 22 or against the Bulldogs the following day at Suncorp Stadium.

  • Sony closing North American ebook store

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    Sony has announced it will close its ebook store for North America, and give its customer list to rival Kobo.


    The Japanese company, which earlier unveiled a major reorganisation, said it will close its Reader Store in the US and Canada on March 20.

    “Although we’re sorry to say goodbye to the Reader Store, we’re also glad to share the new and exciting future for our readers: Reader Store will transfer customers to Toronto-based eReading company, Kobo – an admired ebook seller with a passionate reading community,” a blog post at the Sony Reader website said.

    Sony said customers and their current ebook libraries “will transfer to the Kobo ecosystem” under the change.

    “Kobo is the ideal solution for our customers and will deliver a robust and comprehensive user experience. Like Sony, they are committed to those most passionate about reading and share our vision to use open formats so people can easily read anytime and anywhere,” said Ken Orii, Sony vice president of digital reading.

    “Our customers can be assured that they will have a seamless transition to the Kobo ecosystem and will be able to continue to access and read the titles they love from Sony devices.”

    Canadian-based Kobo, founded in 2009, sells ebooks and reading devices and says it “offers one of the world’s largest ebook stores with nearly four million titles across 68 languages”, according to its website.

    The news came as Sony announced in Japan it was cutting 5000 jobs and exiting the PC market in the face of a billion-dollar annual loss.

    Sony has pinpointed digital imaging, video games and mobile as the units that it hopes will lead a turnaround in its core electronics business.

  • Clooney says return Nazi stolen art

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    Hollywood actor-director George Clooney has called for stolen artworks to be returned to their rightful owners, adding that many works looted by the Nazis are still unaccounted for.


    “There is a lot of art that is still missing,” Clooney said during a press conference on Saturday at Berlin’s Berlinale Film Festival, which marks the European launch of his new film The Monuments Men.

    The film – directed, co-written and starring Clooney – is based on the true story of a special US military unit charged with tracking down and protecting art during the World War II.

    “It’s a story that is going to keep coming up,” Clooney said.

    The film also stars Cate Blanchett as a French art expert, Matt Damon as an art restorer and John Goodman as a sculptor and Bill Murray as an architect.

    Blanchett’s character was based on Rose Valland, a woman who secretly kept records of the artworks stolen and shipped out of France by the Nazis at great personal risk.

    In his comments, Clooney also backed Greece’s long-running campaign to retrieve antiquities looted by the Brits – notably the priceless Elgin Marbles currently on display in the British Museum.

    “I think (Greece) has a good case to make,” said Clooney.

    “It would be a very fair and nice thing to happen.”

    Clooney is featured in The Monuments Men as Frank Stokes, a bespectacled art historian who leads a mission to shield Europe’s great works of art – not just from Hitler, but also from allied bombing and advancing Soviet forces.

    Many of the works in question were earmarked for Hitler’s planned Fuehrer Museum and the private collections of top Nazis like Hermann Goering.

    “For the first time the victors did not keep the spoils,” said Clooney.

    “It is the kind film that I grew up with,” Clooney said, referencing other major war movies such as The Guns of Navarone and The Great Escape.

    The Monuments Men is being screened at the Berlinale out of competition. It is Clooney’s fifth feature film as director.

    The film’s release in Europe is particularly timely. It comes only months after the sensational find of more than 1,400 modern classics in a Munich apartment owned by the son of a prominent Nazi art dealer.

  • Beale, Foley could both start for Tahs

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    Kurtley Beale believes there’s room for both Bernard Foley and him in the Waratahs team, and he’s ready to play inside centre if required.


    Coach Michael Cheika is considering a range of backline options ahead of round one of the Super Rugby competition, including having five-eighth candidates Beale and Foley on the field at once as dual playmaking options.

    With Israel Folau seemingly certain to retain the fullback role where he excelled for the Wallabies in the injured Beale’s absence last year, Beale revealed he’s being prepared for a possible move to No.12 by one of the game’s toughest defensive centres, Nathan Grey.

    NSW assistant coach Grey has put Beale’s repaired shoulder through its paces to ensure the 25-year-old will be up to the rigours of an increased defensive workload if required in the demanding channel at inside centre.

    In his emphatic return to Sydney on Friday in the Waratahs’ trial win over Auckland, Beale starred in three positions and combined seamlessly with five eighth Foley, confident later that too many cooks wouldn’t spoil the broth for NSW in 2014.

    “I thought it worked really well. In saying that, when Jono Lance went in there (at No.12) I think he did the same thing,” said Beale.

    “(But) if that’s where I’m going to be I’ll throw my hand up.

    “I definitely tested (my shoulder) out. Nathan Grey has been a great asset for us here at the Tahs and each week I’m working on that defence. I’ll always be working on that technique stuff.

    “But … I don’t mind where I am in the team. There’s some pretty special players in those key positions.”

    Cheika said he was tempted by making Foley and Beale partners rather than positional rivals, but refused to rule out the mertis of Lance or Rob Horne at No.12.

    “We like playing an attacking game so having two ball distributing players and two attacking threats is often handy but Jono Lance can fill that role as well and Rob Horne can play a slightly more direct game for us,” he said.

    Cheika singled out Beale for special praise after Friday’s trial, for several moments where he created attacking chances out of nothing.

    “I’ve just got to pick my moments and not overplay my hand,” said Beale, who would prefer to play five-eighth, but turns up at training not knowing where he’s going to play.

  • NASA bets on private companies to invest

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    NASA, building on successful partnerships with private companies to resupply the International Space Station, is looking to private entrepreneurs to help exploit resources on the moon.


    Now the US space agency is proposing private companies take advantage of NASA’s extensive know-how, its engineers and access to its installations to help design and build lunar robots.

    The moon proposal – dubbed CATALYST (Cargo Transportation and Landing by Soft Touchdown) – will get no US government economic help.

    Recent missions in the moon’s orbit have revealed evidence of water and other interesting substances on the moon, explained Jason Crusan, director of NASA’s advanced exploration systems.

    “But to understand the extent and accessibility of these resources, we need to reach the surface and explore up close.

    “Commercial lunar landing capabilities could help prospect for and utilise these resources”, permitting both commercial and research activities, he said.

    “As NASA pursues an ambitious plan for humans to explore an asteroid and Mars, US industry will create opportunities for NASA to advance new technologies on the moon,” NASA official Greg Williams said.

    In 2013 NASA reached an agreement with Bigelow Aerospace to develop commercial sector involvement with the space agency, especially focused on plans to build a lunar base.

    Founded by US billionaire Robert Bigelow, the company offers inflatable space modules.

    These partnerships work “very well in lower orbit”, said Bigelow’s Michael Gold, referring to the resupply contracts at the International Space Station.

    “There is no reason it won’t work just as well on the moon,” he told AFP.

    “I think there is a great commercial potential on the moon,” he added, citing significant reserves of helium-3, which is rare on earth and could be developed into a clean energy fuel ideal for nuclear fusion.

    The lunar soil is also rich in coveted rare earth elements: 17 chemicals in the periodic table that are in increased demand because they are heavily used in everyday electronics.

  • Over 1,000 ill in Japan food scandal

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    More than 1,000 people have fallen ill after eating pesticide-contaminated frozen food as a scandal widens across Japan, Jiji Press has reported.


    People have reported vomiting, diarrhoea and other symptoms of food poisoning after eating products including pizza and lasagne made by a subsidiary of Maruha Nichiro Holdings, the nation’s largest seafood firm.

    The number of people affected by the tainted food has now risen to over 1,000, with more than 200 taken ill in the northern main island of Hokkaido alone, Jiji said on Wednesday.

    In western Osaka prefecture, a nine-month-old baby was hospitalised with vomiting on Monday after eating a product called creamy corn croquettes, the report said.

    Police began investigating the company last month after it revealed some of its frozen food had been tainted with malathion, an agricultural chemical often used to kill aphids in corn and rice fields.

    Detectives are looking at the possibility that the pesticide was deliberately added to the food at some stage of production at a factory in Gunma, north of Tokyo, Jiji said.

    As of Wednesday, Maruha Nichiro has received about 630,000 phone calls from consumers in connection with the incident, including complaints from customers who had eaten tainted products and some reporting unusual odours, a company spokeswoman said.

    The food maker has recalled 6.4 million potentially tainted products, with 1.49 million packages recovered so far, she said. None of the products in question had been shipped overseas, the company said.

    While food scares do happen in Japan — in August 2012 E. coli-riddled cabbage killed seven people and sickened dozens — standards are relatively high.

    However, a much-vaunted reputation for safe and high quality food has been badly affected by the Fukushima atomic disaster, which saw acres of farmland polluted by nuclear fall-out and many countries restrict agricultural imports from the area.

  • Rodman sings Happy Birthday to North Korean leader after outcry

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    Rodman brought a team of fellow former National Basketball Association stars to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, to mark the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un with an exhibition game.


    The birthday is believed to have been on Wednesday though that has not been confirmed.

    “It started out as surreal, then people joined in and it sort of faded a bit, but it seemed pretty heartfelt from Rodman’s side,” said Simon Cockerell, a tour guide who watched the game in Pyongyang, said of Rodman’s birthday singing.

    “It was unexpected, and probably unplanned,” he said. “Kim Jong Un appeared to smile, but he didn’t appear to expect it.”

    Cockerell, whose company Koryo Tours took a group of tourists to the game, said the audience had stood and cheered Kim for up to six minutes when he appeared with his wife.

    “Dennis Rodman gave a charmingly shambolic speech where he thanked Kim Jong Un and his wife for showing up, along with the other players for being brave enough to come with him and join in his ‘engagement effort’.”

    This was Rodman’s fourth trip to Pyongyang. On previous visits, he spent time dining as a guest of Kim, with whom he says he has a genuine friendship, though he did not meet Kim on his third trip.

    The visit come weeks after the execution of Kim’s uncle, Jang Song Thaek, who until then was one of the most powerful figures. South Korean President Park Geun-hye has described events in North Korea as a “reign of terror.

    Rodman has said he would not interfere in North Korea’s politics but he raised an outcry at home when, in a television interview on Tuesday, he appeared to suggest that Korean-American missionary Kenneth Bae was to blame for his captivity.

    During an expletive-ridden interview with CNN about his trip, Rodman seemed to say Bae, held in North Korea since November 2012 and convicted in May on charges of crimes against the state, was responsible for his situation.

    “If you understand what Kenneth Bae did … Do you understand what he did in this country? Why is he held captive in this country?” Rodman said, declining to respond to questions to clarify what he meant.

    Bae’s sister, Terri Chung, said her family was “outraged” by his comments and he could “do a lot of good” by using his access to the North Korea leader to advocate on Bae’s behalf, rather than “hurl outrageous accusations” at her brother.

    “He is playing games with my brother’s life,” Chung said in a statement. “There is no diplomacy, only games, and at my brother’s expense.”

    “He is clearly uninformed about Kenneth’s case, and he is certainly not in any position to pass judgment,” Chung said, adding that Bae never had hostile intentions against the state.

    “ONLY 31”

    Asked about Rodman’s comments, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters, “I’m not going to dignify that outburst with a response,” emphasizing that the trip was private travel that was not endorsed by the U.S. government.

    “I’m simply going to say that we remain gravely concerned about Kenneth Bae’s health, and continue to urge DPRK authorities to grant his amnesty and immediate release on humanitarian grounds,” Carney said.

    Bae, 45, was sentenced to 15 years of hard labour for state subversion in North Korea. He was detained in 2012 as he led a tour group through the northern region of the country. The country’s Supreme Court said he used his tourism business to form groups aimed at overthrowing the government.

    Following a visit to her son in October, Bae’s mother, Myunghee Bae, said her son was “alone and ailing.”

    A devout Christian, Bae has acknowledged he conducted religious services in North Korea, which has long been hostile to Westerners advocating religious causes.

    U.S. Representative Eliot Engel, the leading Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, criticized Rodman and the other Americans for what he called an “ill-advised” trip.

    “As North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un continues to starve and oppress his citizens, it is unthinkable that a few fading celebrities would use such an opportunity to reward his brutal regime,” he said.

    Rodman has faced both ridicule and harsh criticism for his trips to North Korea, which some U.S. politicians and activists view as serving only as fodder for North Korean propaganda.

    But he defended his visit, saying it would help “open the door” and was a “great idea for the world.”

    “It’s amazing how we thrive on negativity. Does anyone know this guy’s only 31 years old?” he said of Kim, whom he calls his friend.

    “Dennis, he could be 31, he could be 51,” said CNN interviewer Chris Cuomo. “He’s just killed his uncle. He’s holding an American hostage.”

    (This refiled version of the story corrects dateline, no change to text)

    (Reporting by James Pearson in Seoul, Doina Chiacu, Roberta Rampton and Peter Cooney in Washington, David Stanway in Beijing, and Eric M. Johnson in Seattle; additional reporting by Patricia Zengerle in Washington; Editing by Clarence Fernandez, Steve Orlofsky, Dan Grebler, Leslie Adler and Elizabeth PIper)

  • Heat thrash hapless Thunder in BBL

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    Brisbane Heat have given themselves a chance to repeat last season’s late charge to Big Bash League glory by snapping their three-match losing streak and increasing Sydney Thunder’s misery on Wednesday night.


    Facing a must-win situation, Brisbane scored 5-165 and then bowled out the Thunder for 117 in the 18th over to win by 48 runs at ANZ Stadium.

    The result improved Brisbane’s record to 2-3 and condemned the Thunder to an 18th straight loss.

    Defending champions Brisbane also started last season with three losses in their last four games before commencing a charge that carried them all the way to the title.

    Big-hitting Chris Lynn (56 off 35 balls) rescued Brisbane after Heat limped to 3-56 off 11 overs.

    Thunder couldn’t get close to the long hitting of the Heat batters, who clubbed 13 sixes, most of them over the short straight boundaries.

    Long-suffering Thunder supporters watched a depressingly familiar situation recur, as captain Michael Hussey (60 off 37 balls) played another lone hand.

    The champion left-hander notched his third half-century in as many home games and struck Thunder’s only two sixes before his dismissal triggered a massive collapse.

    Cameron Gannon (4-10) returned the best figures of this season’s competition and picked up his second four-wicket haul in as many games.

    He picked up 3-1 in one over as the Thunder lost 5-12 in their second collapse of the innings.

    Thunder were reasonably placed at 1-55 in the ninth over, but lost 4-32 after the dismissal of Usman Khawaja (22 off 22).

    Spinner Daniel Vettori (0-25) bowled his four overs after appearing to be labouring from the back problem that has dogged him in recent weeks.

    Earlier, Ben Cutting (25 not out off 13), Luke Pomersbach (25 off 17) and Dan Christian (24 off 20) all cleared the boundary at least twice.

    A 66-run fourth-wicket stand between Lynn and Christian added substance to the innings.

    Paceman Chris Tremain (0-53 off 4) and Thunder debutant Ajantha Mendis (0-41 off 4) bore the brunt of the punishment.

    Consistently excellent paceman Dirk Nannes (3-21 off 4) was the Thunder’s only multiple wicket-taker.

    Hussey sprung a surprise by giving the first over to unheralded off spinner Jason Floros (0-18 off 4), who did an excellent containing job.

    “This (fifth) game last year got the ball rolling for us and so hopefully we can do that again,” Lynn said.

    “We had a plan before the game and the boys executed 99 per cent of the time.

    “If you do that each game you are going to be on the winning side more times than not.”

    Hussey said Lynn’s innings took the game away from his side.

    “Their strong hitting straight was definitely an asset for them,” Hussey said.

    “We tried to negate that by trying to bowl back of a length but they just hit a few good ones.”

    “I’m definitely disappointed. I gave us a big chance to win the game today.”

  • North Korea to hold vote in March

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    North Korea has announced elections to its rubber-stamp parliament in March, the first under leader Kim Jong-Un as he seeks to cement his grip on power after purging his uncle.


    The Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) decided the election – held every five years – would take place on March 9, the North’s official KCNA news agency said on Wednesday.

    It comes at a time of heightened speculation over the stability of Kim’s regime and growing concern over the North’s nuclear weapons program.

    The last parliamentary vote – a highly staged process with only one approved candidate standing for each of the 687 districts – was held in 2009 under the leadership of Kim’s father, Kim Jong-Il.

    Kim succeeded his father in December 2011, and the March election will be closely watched for any further revelations on the changing power structure in Pyongyang.

    He has already overseen sweeping changes within the North’s ruling elite – the most dramatic example being the execution of his powerful uncle and political mentor Jang Song-Thaek last month on charges of treason and corruption.

    In his New Year message last week, Kim said the country had been strengthened by the removal of “factionalist scum”.

    The announcement of the vote coincided with the young leader’s birthday on Wednesday. His precise age is a matter of some speculation due to confusion about the year of his birth, with various reports that it was 1982, 1983 or 1984.

    Kim might well be among the parliamentary candidates if he chooses to follow his father’s example of standing in the election.

    The rubber-stamp parliament usually sits twice a year for a day or two to pass government budgets and approve personnel changes.

    The only tangible Western contact with the North is in the unlikely form of ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman who is in Pyongyang with several other former players for a basketball match he arranged to mark Kim’s birthday.

    Rodman has been accused at home of pandering to North Korea which last April sentenced American missionary Kenneth Bae to 15 years hard labour on charges of plotting to overthrow the regime.

    In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, a furious Rodman hit back at the criticism of his exhibition game.

    “I don’t give a rat’s ass what the hell you think,” Rodman told the interviewer in an angry tirade broadcast from the North Korean capital.

    The four-time All Star voiced frustration at the fact that the Bae case and Pyongyang’s human rights record had overshadowed the birthday event.

    Kim Jong-Un is reported to be a keen basketball fan and especially of the Chicago Bulls, for whom Rodman played a key role in winning three NBA titles alongside Michael Jordan in the 1990s.

    The two men struck up what Rodman has described as a close friendship since the player made his first trip to North Korea nearly a year ago.

  • Ice hockey – Ovechkin leads Russian bid for gold in Sochi

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    Forward Ovechkin is among 15 NHL players named in the squad, but Russia’s head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov is also banking on the strength of the domestic Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).


    Ten players made the cut from the Russian-dominated competition, one more than Bilyaletdinov’s predecessor, Vyacheslav Bykov, selected four years ago for the Vancouver Games.

    Ilya Kovalchuk, a former NHL forward with the Atlanta Thrashers and New Jersey Devils who joined SKA St Petersburg in the KHL last year, is among the top players from Russian teams.

    Along with Ovechkin, those drawn from the NHL include Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings and Evgeny Malkin of the Pittsburg Penguins, both strong attacking players.

    Dynamo Moscow’s key player, the hard-working, experienced 31-year-old forward Sergei Soin, was a surprise inclusion.

    “In terms of Sergei Soin, just like Alexander Eremenko, he’s a two-time Gagarin Cup (KHL playoffs) winner and won’t be intimidated by high profile players,” said Bilyaletdinov.

    “He will be able to help out when we are shorthanded and will help to limit the offensive play of our opponents,” he added on the official website of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia (


    Russia also have high hopes for Valeri Nichushkin, 18, who signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Stars last year after helping Traktor Chelyabinsk reach the KHL final.

    “Valeri Nichushkin was called up after we saw him play for the Dallas Stars during our trip to North America (in November),” added Bilyaletdinov.

    “At the moment, he is in excellent form. You could say we are putting our faith in him, but he is an exceedingly talented player and I’m sure he’ll justify his selection.”

    The Sochi Games are the first Olympics to be held in Russia since Moscow 1980 and the hosts will be under pressure to deliver.

    Ice hockey is among the sports where Russia is seen as having a strong chance of winning a gold medal.

    Russia’s men’s ice hockey team are number three in the International Ice Hockey Federation rankings behind Sweden and Finland, having been top for the previous four years.

    The Soviet Union won seven men’s ice hockey gold medals in the nine Olympics held between 1956 and 1988 but Russia have failed to win an Olympic medal since 2002 when they claimed bronze in Salt Lake City.

    In the preliminary round, Russia will face Slovakia and the United States after their first Group A game against Slovenia on February 13. The men’s competition takes place from February 12-23.


    Netminders: Sergei Bobrovsky (Columbus Blue Jackets), Semyon Varlamov (Colorado Avalanche), Alexander Eremenko (Dynamo Moscow).

    Defence: Anton Belov (Edmonton Oilers), Vyacheslav Voynov (Los Angeles Kings), Alexei Yemelin (Montreal Canadiens), Andrei Markov (Montreal Canadiens), Evgeni Medvedev (Ak Bars Kazan), Nikita Nikitin (Columbus Blue Jackets), Ilya Nikulin (Ak Bars Kazan), Fedor Tyutin (Columbus Blue Jackets).

    Forwards: Artem Anisimov (Columbus Blue Jackets), Pavel Datsyuk (Detroit Red Wings), Ilya Kovalchuk (SKA St Petersburg), Denis Kokarev (Dynamo Moscow), Nikolai Kulemin (Toronto Maple Leafs), Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins), Valeri Nichushkin (Dallas Stars), Alexander Ovechkin (Washington Capitals), Alexander Popov (Avangard Omsk), Alexander Radulov (CSKA Moscow), Sergei Soin (Dynamo Moscow), Vladimir Tarasenko (St. Louis Blues), Alexei Tereshchenko (Ak Bars Kazan), Viktor Tikhonov (SKA St Petersburg)

    (This refiled version of the story adds dropped word Russia in paragraph 15)

    (Additional reporting by Dmitriy Rogovitskiy; editing by Toby Davis and Ken Ferris)